Romabio Masonry Flat


Product Description

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Masonry Flat is a high-performing, mineral masonry paint made for extreme durability for the interior or exterior. A beautiful, permanent flat finish that is naturally mold resistant, toxin-free, and environmentally friendly. Mineral paints are breathable and calcify to the masonry surface allowing moisture to release creating a longer lasting finish with low maintenance.

  • Ideal for brick, stone, stucco, and cementitious siding
  • Will not chip, peel or flake off
  • 20 Year warranty, if applied properly
  • 2 coats, no additional primer for unpainted, absorbent masonry
  • Pressure wash and paint on the same day as masonry surfaces must be dampen


Interior/Exterior Absorbent, Unpainted Brick & Stone (No Primer needed); Unabsorbent Or Glossy Brick/Hardie Board/Cementitious Board/Concrete/CMU Block/ Portland or Gypsum Stucco (BioGrip Micro Primer)


1 Coat 1L/1QT 2.5L/0.67GAL 15L/4GAL
Square Feet 65-85 165-215 1000-1300
Square Meters 19-26 50-65 305-396



  • PREP Prepare and clean surface. Dampen masonry surface.
  • DILUTION Product must be diluted prior to application
  • COATS 2 Coats
  • TOOLS Apply with a brush, roller, or professional-grade airless sprayer (tip of 0.519″ – 0.521″) or an HVLP spray gun (tip: 1.4mm-1.5mm)
  • DRY TIME 4-8 Hours
  • TOUCH UPS Very flat finish. Easy and can be done at any time.


  1L/1QT. 2.5L/0.67GAL 15L/4GAL
20% 200ml 500ml 3L
25% 250ml 625ml 3.5L
30% 300ml 750ml 4L

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